Qi Gong and Tai Ji

5:45 am. The streets of Beijing are already alive with the myriad activities, like Taiji that accompany Chinese daily life. A significant part of this early morning activity takes place in the hundreds…

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Goodness Green Tea!

Tea & China are indelibly linked. The infused leaves of the tea plant have been the main drink consumed by the Chinese for generations, both for refreshment and as a medicine. In Japan, the process of tea-making…

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Case Study: Depression

Patient: Tania

Ages: 29

Occupation: General Admin

Health History: Depression

• 2 years ago, fainted at work, sent home, had nervous breakdown, not work since.
• Various medication, work for short time, but soon symptoms return, regular psychiatric outpatient
• Feeling anxious and agitated, Hot…

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Case Study: Menopausal Problems

Patient: Linda
Age: 47
Ocupation: Housewife with 2 children  age 16 & 19

Health history: experiencing menopausal problems.

Linda’s periods started to become more irregular a couple of years ago. The gaps between them became longer and she would miss some altogether. These…

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